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Increasing Productivity and Collaboration
Toronto is home to many of the most dynamic and versatile companies in the world. These companies continue to grow and thrive due to strong collaborative efforts from the Toronto offices to other locations all over the world.
Strong collaborative efforts are made possible with video conferencing software along with the right choices of audiovisual (AV) equipment to create an immersive and innovative virtual meeting place. These places allow participants from different locations to easily come together for knowledge sharing and dynamic decision making while significantly reducing travel costs. Innovative collaborative environments like these are extremely cost-efficient and often result in increased creativity and productivity across locations.
In order for the best experience to occur every time, it is important to choose the right company to implement these creativity-improving environments. There are companies that focus on selling the video conferencing software and equipment. Other companies will be able to offer a selection of audio and visual equipment. It is a worthy investment to choose a company with the skills and certifications to offer a complete end-to-end solution, not just the pieces to a puzzle. This involves taking the requirements and designing a custom video conferencing solution that combines the best AV equipment to produce a truly unique collaborative environment.
Equipment that Makes an Impression
Having the right implementation will go a long way towards capturing the participants' attention and promoting collaboration. Interactive whiteboards will allow users in remote locations to collaborate more effectively. A SMART Board is an innovative version of the traditional whiteboard that further promotes collective interaction between people in different locations. These boards offer the ultimate in problem solving and knowledge sharing available today. If a SMART Board is chosen, it can be easily integrated into the collaborative environment to ensure that it provides the maximum benefits to everyone in each location.
It is important to choose the correct in-room displays that maximize screen real estate and keep people engaged. This may include displays capable of displaying HD video while allowing easy connections to other technologies that go into the solution. Audio equipment that provides high quality sound to users in all locations will also work to minimize disruptions and misunderstandings.
A successful implementation will involve taking the different technologies available in video conferencing and seamlessly integrating them with the necessary AV equipment. Existing IT infrastructure will also need to be examined in order to accommodate requirements such as bandwidth and firewalls as well.
Attention to Details
There are additional steps that should be taken to ensure the AV equipment is used to the maximum benefit. These steps include a room assessment for the areas where the conferencing will take place. Ideally this will include the room where the conference originates as well as the rooms in other locations. A room assessment should ensure there is proper lighting and acoustics present to bring the presentations to life. It may also include the implementation of control automation to simplify the use of the system even more.
Ensure that audiovisual equipment in Toronto comes alive by having it professionally implemented by collaborative technology experts today. Maximize the benefits of creativity and production by effectively connecting the distributed workforce.
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